Psion Factor Review Copies

Captain Otian and crew are forced to land on the backwater planet of Oltarin. Their star drive is blown and they have no funds to replace it.

Hankura’s son has been in a catatonic state since his psionic powers started dawning. He needs passage for himself and his family to Velran to get him help. No other starship will take them because both their children are dawning psions.

Otian and his crew are leery but agree to take the chance in exchange for funds to repair their ship. It becomes a spiritual journey as well as a physical one.

Only danger comes not from the children but Hankura’s old enemies. The same enemies his childhood friend Delmran has come to Velran to fight.

Delmran also finds love with Lishaad, a double agent. But for which side?
Will Jamerin get the help he needs? Why are the Tregans so interested in Hankura’s family? Can Delmran trust Lishaad to help protect them?

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