Cyborg Awakening Series

In this series, every major city on Earth has been destroyed by the Mesaarkan’s in revenge for a massacre on a distant colony by and Earth survey team. Cyborgs have been created by the thousands to fight the hundred year war. While the fighting goes on in distant colonies survivors and their descendants struggle to survive in what was once Chicago. They live in ruined buildings without utilities or running water much like the pioneers in the 19th century.

While the fighting goes on in distant colonies survivors and their descendants struggle to survive in what was once Chicago. They live in ruined buildings without utilities or running water much like the pioneers in the 19th century. This is the origin story of Vyken Dark and Danya Hill as a prelude to Vyken Dark.

Cyborg Vyken Dark is back on Earth after fighting a long interstellar war against an alien race, the Mesaarkans. The last place he wanted to go was Earth, laid waste by Mesaarkan bombs. Every major city on Earth is in ruins.

Why go back when the mates they were promised after decades of fighting wouldn’t be waiting for them?

But Vyken couldn’t refuse his dying mentor’s last wish. He convinced his four brothers to go with him, in case Admiral Gregor was right, that going to Earth would help him find his humanity.Vyken chose the name Dark because the darkness in his soul drove him to kill the enemies of the Federation with a ruthlessness that few natural humans possessed. Sometimes that darkness overwhelmed his humanity and made him weary of his life… Until he came back to Earth and found her. Re-edited for series context.

Jolt Somber was the name the cyborg picked for himself. He was created to be a killer and his creators reinforced his killer instinct by flooding him with feel-good endorphins. For eighty years he fought the Mesaarkans at Vyken Dark’s side. He and four genetic cyborg brothers returned to Earth to help restore civilization after the war had ended.

Jolt is supervising demolition in the ruins of Farringay to build a new starport. The war left Earth in ruins with cities ruled by overlords with gangs of thugs as enforcers. Violence against women is rampant.
When Jolt finds his one genetic female mate used and left for dead by gangers, the pleasure he takes in avenging her could have unexpected repercussions.

After what males had done to her, would she ever accept Jolt as her mate?

Interstellar war left Earth in ruins. After the war, cyborgs came back to rebuild and restore civilization, and began awakening the cyborgs still in stasis waiting to fight.

Talia Cannon, a descendant of apocalypse preppers lives on a small off the grid homestead in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She is the last of her family line unless she finds a mate to have children.

Jolt Somber has learned that building families is one way to start rebuilding civilization. So, he takes Talia to Farringay to see if one of the cyborgs under his command is her male, her soulmate who is genetically matched to her.

Bodee Flint nearly the last cyborg she meets is the one. One passionate kiss tells her this hot young cyborg is for her, but what about love?
Then again, he’s sexy and thoughtful, and he adores her. What’s not to love?

Whenever Talia has sexy thoughts Bodee is ready and willing to breed in hopes of making offspring. He is the best thing that ever happened to her.

But will she realize what he means to her before it’s too late?

After the alien war devastated Earth, cyborg soldiers returned and awakened the cyborgs left in stasis to help rebuild. Axel Rex was one of those cyborgs.

He is in charge of demolishing ruins in Farringay to make way for a new interstellar starport. During his virtual life in stasis, he was educated and trained for war and love. Love in the form of one genetically compatible female and freedom at the end of service was their motivation to serve.

Love was the last thing on his mind when one stubborn female refused to leave a building set for demolition.

Layne Rose and her cat Sammy claimed a ruined apartment building as their home. No cyborg goon will make her give up her home, so Axel pulls her out, kicking and screaming. Retracting his armor face plate, he explains why she has to leave. Stunned to realize she is his genetic mate, he can’t deny her plea to go back for her cat.

Layne takes the opportunity to grab her cat and run. Axel intercepts her easily and convinces her to return to the barracks with him. This buys him time to figure out how best to tell her she is his mate.

Layne can’t deny the primal sexual attraction she feels for Axel. She is not sure she likes him, but she knows she won’t get a better offer. Could she love a cyborg? Could she love this cyborg?

Dagger Jack is a spinoff novella about a peripheral character introduced in Axel Rex. He was left clinically dead with catastrophic injuries sustained in an ambush by rogue cyborgs.

When he was awakened at the cyborg production facility south of Chicago, his life was mapped out for him. After he helped rebuild a city and a starport destroyed during an interstellar war, he would become a Protector in one of the rural communities reclaimed from the overlords in the east.

When he awakens the second time, he doesn’t want to be a protector. Just before he went down, he scented his female. He wants to go back to find her before he has fully recovered.

He was made for war but only her love would make him whole again.

Note: This book can be read as a standalone, but reading the previous books in the series will enhance reading this story.

Re-edited and revised with preview chapters of Blaze,Cyborg Ranger, Book One of the Cyborg Rangers Series presented in the Cyborg Awakenings’ world.