Celebrating Cyborgs Week

Starting Monday, November 28, 2022, one what some in scifi romance call Cyborg Monday, I am kicking of our week long celebration with an ebook 5-day sale where most of the books are 99c and free.

As part of the celebration, I am doing a drawing for a set of signed Cyborg Ranger Series signed paperbacks. Since I can only ship within the USA48, I am also drawing for 3 sets of Cyborg Ranger Ebooks. All you have to do to enter, is sign up for my newsletter, right here.

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Also on Monday it’s open house at Everything Cyborg Romance, so feel free to stop by or even join us starting at 2pm EST.

In other news, I have just finished my Christmas cyborg tale and will be premiering three Chapters here on Monday.

MAX Cyborg Ranger

Pre-Order for September 20th or Kindle Unlimited on Release

Max Steele, a former cyborg marine ranger, returned to Earth with his team to restore law and order to the North American West. He is on his way to Northern California to take over securing order in the San Francisco megalopolis. Although he preferred his rural territory, he knew he wasn’t needed.

Max considered himself socially repressed and was not looking forward to dealing with people in the urban ruins. He even worried he would put off his genetic mate if he ever found her.

Falyn Wayne is running for her life from four men on her horse Argus. Max sees them from the air and decides to intervene, putting himself between the men and the fleeing woman. Sending them on their way, he finds Falyn standing over her downed horse with a pistol sobbing because it has broken its leg, and she needs to end his suffering. Max stops her, but as he approaches, Falyn shoots him…

Stalker, Cyborg Ranger


Stalker Knight, third entry of the Cyborg Ranger Series, first appeared in Darken, where he found his genetic mate while doing recon at an overlord’s compound. Stalker begins when he rescues Neely from the plane crash just before the plan explodes and burns. We’re in rewrites now before sending it to our Beta Readers.

Stalker has the monumental task of taming California a hundred years after Los Angeles the Mesaarkans bombed it to ruin. He soon discovers it’s way more than he can handle alone, so he requests one hundred additional protectors before he meets Neely. The former prostitute turned smuggler resists accepting Stalker as her mate even though she feels and incredible chemistry between them.

Since she no longer can support herself with her plane and cargo destroyed, Stalker offers her a job as his assistant. He can use the help, and it will put her in the position to get to know him better. She quickly finds the attraction between them impossible to resist. They just need to stay alive to enjoy a future together with the children the plan to have someday…

Darken: Cyborg Ranger


Cyborg Marine Ranger Darken Wolf is coming to Earth to become a law enforcement officer in the post-apocalyptic American West and meet his genetic mate. When he arrives, she is missing.

Gina Malcolm’s best friend points him to Overlord Devlin White, from whom she escaped several years before. Darken steals into the Overlord’s compound to free her, and they flee. Of course, it couldn’t be that easy.

A fighter plane follows Darken’s sky cycle and shoots them down over the New Mexican desert. While the landing was a little rough, the bigger problem is that Darken’s CPU shuts down, and the sky cycle burns along with Darken’s only comm. He is not even sure where they are but decides going North is the best plan. It could be a very long walk.

This is only the beginning as they get acquainted and embark on a life as a couple. All they have to do is survive long enough to share a future together.

Vyken Dark Kindle Book Giveaway

Dear Readers,

In celebration of completing the first draft of Dagger Jack,  I am giving away FREE Kindle copies of Book One Vyken Dark 6/4-6/5. (Check back if Amazon lags on changing it.) Clarissa Lake and I have decided that Dagger Jack will be the finale of the Cyborg Awakening Series. To thank all our readers for supporting our work, Dagger Jack will be FREE and wide. We hope to release it at the end of the month.

This is not the end of our collaboration, nor the end of our cyborg tales. I haven’t decided if Calan is going to be the last of the Aledan Series. I am considering possibly writing Casir’s and Lanimer’s stories. Casir was introduced in the prequel Psion Mates, and Lanimer in Surviving Zevus Mar.

Although Surviving Zevus Mar was a painful journey when I wrote it, I felt it was a story that needed to be told because of the harsh realities in the news from Africa and the Middle East. It was not just meant as a revelation, but also a tribute to those who suffered at enemy hands and went on with their lives. Despite all of the copies sold and all of the pages read there is not one single review. That’s okay, but I am interested in what you think about it. Feel free to email your comments or leave it on my website. Just click on my name.

Thanks for reading

The Aledan Psion Now at SFR Station

I am pleased to announce that my Aledan Series has been accepted for listing on the SFR Station Website, and they are in the process of listing the entire series. The site features ” best in indie and small-press Science Fiction Romance .” I am proud and humbled to have my work listed with so many other wonderful SFR works. Click HERE to see all of the the recent additions to their list.

SFR Station is not a book seller. They list books with their sale links. The Aledan Series is exclusively available at Amazon with the exception of Book One which is FREE with most ebook sellers. If you can’t get it free from Amazon due to your location, click HERE to get it free from Smashwords. It is also available at Kobo and Nook .