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I read this book in one day because it was well written, steamy with some delightful twists I didn’t see coming. Do not read this book it you are offended by explicit sex scenes with a bit of discipline.

However, there is more than that to the story.  I am not going to summarize the plot here or give spoilers.

The aliens were different and interesting and the “anti”hero finds his heart and is forever changed. A very sexy tale, well crafted and well written. I will be looking at this author’s other works. I read this book in Kindle Unlimited and highly recommend it.



Captive (Nikhiza Pirates Book 1) Kindle Edition

He stole me for someone else. Now he wants me for himself.

I was on Earth. Doing my job, living my life. Next thing I know, I’m up on the auction block being sold to the highest bidder like I’m some kind of broodmare.

That’s when he comes for me. He’s massive. Powerful. Alien. And there’s nothing good in those dark eyes of his–especially when they’re filled with a fire that heats me to my core.

He’s being paid to break me; to punish me and get me used to submitting. But every time he draws pleasure from my willing body, I can tell he wants to keep me for himself.

And with the things he does to me, the dark desires he brings out in me… I want to be his, too.

Content Warning: Captive includes disturbing content that may be offensive to some readers.

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